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SITA announced a partnership with leading customer loyalty specialist, LoyaltyPlus, to integrate their solutions into SITA’s Horizon portfolio of passenger services which are used by more than 130 airlines. Designed to be accessible both in terms of price as well as functionality to all airlines, Horizon Loyalty at the highest level offers a complete suite of capabilities, including CRM and campaign management, while the entry level offers an affordable solution for airlines with less sophisticated frequent flyer requirements.



eConsultant has been involved in website design for five years with a dramatic involvement in Web technologies as well as design.
eConsultants is driven by their love for design and art in various shapes and forms from traditional to contemporary. In our perception, websites are just another form of art or freedom of expression while maintaining an overall atmosphere of who our clients are and what their functional purpose is.


IQ Retail

IQ Retail (Pty) Ltd is a software development company that provides expertise in complete financial and business administration solutions.  IQ Retail has been active in the development of business systems specialising in the accounting and retail management environment since 1986.


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